Below are a few pieces that have been published in past issues of SICK. By making these available online, in addition to print, we hope to make SICK a bit more accessible. When submitting to SICK, we ask that you read an issue to familiarise yourself with the style of work we publish, but recognise that this can be a barrier to many. Additionally, we hope that by offering a taste of the magazine to readers, they will have a better idea of what their money is going towards before making a purchase.


Forming Kinships Through Resisting Cure by amy etherington & Kaiya Waerea (issue 5)

While I Write This Essay, My Pain Thinks About Entering a Poetry Competition by Lindsey Allen (issue 5)

The Beautiful Sick Man by Jodie Noel Vinson (issue 4)

Bed by Jennifer Brough (issue 2)

Shaped by Isolation by Natasha Lipman (issue 2)

The Sound of Silence by Mairi MacPherson (issue 01)


Curated for Curves: An Interview with Emma Zack by Hayley Cranberry Small (issue 5)

Ashna Ali interviewed by heidi andrea restrepo rhodes (issue 4)

Audiobook Review by Scott Jordan Harris (issue 2)


Three poems by Sullivan Jordan (issue 5)

Two poems by Kyla Jamieson (issue 4)

Two Poems by Najia Khaled (issue 2)